Take the random mock theory test

1: Any load that is carried on a roof rack MUST be
2: Which statement is correct?
3: Which group of pedestrians may find it difficult to judge the speed of approaching traffic?
4: During an emergency stop your wheels lock and skid, would you
5: The extreme right-hand lane of a four-lane motorway should be used...
6: If you see a vehicle with a flashing amber light, what might it signify?
7: Once you have passed your Theory and Practical Driving Tests, your licence is usually valid until you reach...
8: You are following a long vehicle. It approaches a crossroads and signals left but moves to the right. What should you do?
9: You are driving past parked cars. You notice a wheel of a bicycle sticking out between them. What should you do?
10: You are driving past parked cars. You notice a wheel of a bicycle sticking out between them. What should you do?
11: Red routes in major cities have been introduced to...
12: You are about to drive home but you can't find the glasses you need to wear. You should...
13: What type of crossing is it when cyclists and pedestrians can cross?
14: You would flash your headlights to:
15: The national speed limit for cars and motorcycles on a single carriageway road is?
16: If you get six penalty points within two years of passing your practical test what will you have to do?
17: In normal conditions the braking distance when travelling at 50 mph is ...
18: When you see a hazard ahead you should use the mirrors. Why is this?
19: You have broken down on a motorway. You have stopped on the hard shoulder. Where is the safest place to wait for help. ?
20: Traffic calming measures are used to
21: Following a large vehicle too closely is unwise because
22: A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you. You may produce them at a police station within
23: You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road. Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles. What should you do?
24: After travelling at high speed for a long period on a motorway which one of the following should you check first when you exit. ?
25: When following a large vehicle you should keep well back because...
26: Who should wear a seatbelt in your car?
27: If someone is aggressively tailgating you, you should...
28: What's the best way to get your parents to relax about you and driving?
29: You're planning to give a couple of your mates a lift. They've both been drinking and are carrying open bottles to continue drinking in your car while you drive them home. What do you do?
30: The car in front of you stalls at the lights. What do you do?
31: Are you a liability as a drunk passenger?
32: What type of car is better for the environment?
33: When filling your tank at a petrol station - the greenest way to do it is...
34: What does this sign show?
35: What does this sign mean?
36: What does this sign mean?
37: What is the meaning of this sign?
38: What is the meaning of this sign?
39: What is the meaning of this sign?
40: What is the meaning of this sign?
41: What is the meaning of this sign?
42: What is the meaning of this sign?
43: What is the meaning of this sign?
44: You are approaching a junction at the end of a road. A cyclist just in front gives a right arm signal. What should you do?
45: You see a temporary maximum speed limit sign while approaching roadwork's. You must?
46: In residential streets you may find a shown speed limit of?
47: A cars front fog lights with headlights should only be used together when visibility is reduced to less than?
48: The road is dry. Your car is well maintained. What is your overall stopping distance at 40 mph?
49: When can you can park on the right-hand side of the road at night?
50: Which type of crossing detects the movements of pedestrians?