Take the random mock theory test

1: You are driving on a well-lit motorway at night. You should?
2: In WET road conditions the minimum distance you should leave between you and the vehicle in front should be?
3: You are driving along a motorway. A vehicle in front switches on its hazard warning light while it is still moving. What does this mean?
4: What is the most important factor in avoiding running into the car in front?
5: What is the main reason why your stopping distance is longer after heavy rain?
6: You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle accident. The rider is conscious but in shock. You must make sure that...
7: Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the...
8: When you are not sure that it's safe to reverse your vehicle you should...
9: As a car driver, which lane are you NOT allowed to use?
10: A basic rule when on motorways is ...
11: You're driving on a quiet motorway at night which lane should you drive in?
12: What's the minimum age to supervise a learner?
13: The reaction time of most drivers is over?
14: As a driver, how can you help the environment?
15: You start to feel tired whilst driving, you should?
16: The purpose of a catalytic converter is to...
17: Unbalanced wheels on a car may cause
18: You are travelling in heavy rain. Your overall stopping distance is likely to be
19: You intend to turn right into a side road. Just before turning you should check for motorcyclists who might be
20: You have broken down on a motorway. You have stopped on the hard shoulder. Where is the safest place to wait for help. ?
21: A friend tells you it is safe to drive after taking medicine that makes you drowsy. Do you?
22: A long, heavily-laden lorry is taking a long time to overtake you. What should you do?
23: You are towing a small trailer on a busy three-lane motorway. All the lanes are open. You must
24: A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. You have to brake hard. You should
25: To drive on the road learners MUST
26: On a motorway the amber reflective studs can be found between
27: Where are you most likely to be affected by a side wind?
28: At an accident a casualty is unconscious. Which of the following should you check urgently?
29: Which of the following should you NOT do at the scene of an accident?
30: Which of the following will make your car unroadworthy?
31: What should you check your tyres for?
32: You are waiting to emerge from a junction - what should you be most aware of?
33: What lane should you drive in on a motorway?
34: You break down on the motorway - which way should you walk to use the emergency telephone?
35: For what reason may you use the right hand lane of the motorway?
36: You have car trouble on the motorway and, after calling for help from the emergency phone, you and your passengers should ...
37: A bus lane shows no times in operation. This means...
38: Your parent has become a back seat driver of the worst kind. What do you do?
39: The car in front of you stalls at the lights. What do you do?
40: What does this motorway sign mean?
41: What does this sign mean?
42: What is the meaning of this sign?
43: What is the meaning of this sign?
44: What is the meaning of this sign?
45: What is the meaning of this sign?
46: When braking normally your vehicle pulls to one side. You should?
47: The road is dry. Your car is well maintained. What is your overall stopping distance at 40 mph?
48: What of the following are most likely to waste fuel?
49: You are driving on a narrow road. You see this sign. What does it mean?
50: You may drive over a footpath