Take the random mock theory test

1: When moving off from a parked position you should
2: Which statement is correct?
3: You are about to drive but you feel unwell. You should?
4: You may only legally drive when NOT wearing a seatbelt if..
5: What shape is a STOP sign?
6: Rear fog lights should be used when visibility is below...
7: What is the most important factor in avoiding running into the car in front?
8: If a person is carrying a white stick with red reflective bands, what disabilities would they have?
9: What is the maximum speed for Lorries on a Motorway?
10: If your steering suddenly feels light it is a sign that...
11: When waiting to emerge into a main road, if you cannot see because of parked cars what should you do?
12: If you consider the vehicle behind you is following too close, what should you do ?
13: When snow is falling heavily you should...
14: What are triangular road signs for?
15: What is the speed limit on motorways for cars?
16: When overtaking which routine should you use?
17: To answer a call on your mobile phone while travelling you should
18: When you see a hazard ahead you should use the mirrors. Why is this?
19: You are approaching a zebra crossing. There are pedestrians waiting to cross. You should
20: In which of the following situations would you switch on your hazard warning lights?
21: In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?
22: A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you. You may produce them at a police station within
23: You can park on the right-hand side of a road at night ...
24: What is the national speed limit for cars and motorcycles in the centre lane of a three-lane motorway?
25: On a motorway the amber reflective studs can be found between
26: Why would you fit a stabiliser before towing a caravan?
27: You should never wave people across at pedestrian crossings because
28: You are following a vehicle at a safe distance on a wet road. Another driver overtakes you and pulls into the gap you have left. What should you do?
29: You are overtaking high-sided vehicle, it's very windy. What should you do?
30: What should you check your tyres for?
31: How many drinks can you get away with if you're driving on an empty stomach?
32: You are waiting to emerge from a junction - what should you be most aware of?
33: When following a large vehicle you should keep well back because...
34: If you have a provisional licence you should not drive a car on the motorway...
35: For what reason may you use the right hand lane of the motorway?
36: You are driving at night on an unlit road in moderate traffic. You should...
37: Parked cars are a hazard when you're driving because...
38: When can you use your mobile phone in the car?
39: Traffic congestion causes noise and air pollution. Which of the following would NOT reduce congestion?
40: For the average family car the most economical speed to drive at is...
41: What does this sign mean?
42: What does this sign mean?
43: What does this sign mean?
44: What does this sign mean?
45: What is the meaning of this sign?
46: What is the meaning of this sign?
47: Which of the following should you do when you wish to park downhill?
48: On long journeys you should stop frequently and?
49: You intend to turn left into a minor road. As you approach you should?
50: At red traffic lights you are behind a cyclist. The traffic lights change what should you do?