Take the random mock theory test

1: Any load that is carried on a roof rack MUST be
2: When moving off from a parked position you should
3: Road surfaces tend to be at their most slippery:-
4: You are following a vehicle on a wet road. You should leave a time gap of at least...
5: It is essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly. When should this be done?
6: Where are you most likely to be affected by crosswinds while driving a vehicle?
7: What advice should you give to a driver who has had a few alcoholic drinks at a party?
8: You may make a U-turn...
9: You are driving on a wet motorway with surface spray. You should...
10: Who is especially in danger if you cannot see as you reverse your car?
11: Why should you make sure that you have cancelled your indicators after turning?
12: How can you, as a driver, help the environment?
13: Your car needs an MOT certificate. If you drive without one this could invalidate your...
14: Where would a catalytic converter be on a car?
15: You should never attempt to overtake a cyclist
16: The main purpose of a box junction is
17: A friend tells you it is safe to drive after taking medicine that makes you drowsy. Do you?
18: In which of the following situations would you switch on your hazard warning lights?
19: When being followed by an ambulance showing a flashing blue beacon you should
20: You are approaching a mini-roundabout. The long vehicle in front is signalling left but positioned over to the right. You should
21: A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. You have to brake hard. You should
22: There is a tractor ahead of you. You wish to overtake but you are NOT sure if it is safe to do so. You should
23: Who is legally responsible for ensuring that a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) is updated?
24: You are overtaking a car at night. You must be sure that
25: Freezing conditions will affect the distance it takes you to come to a stop. You should expect stopping distances to increase by up to
26: You have just gone through deep water. To dry off the brakes you should
27: You MUST obey signs giving orders. These signs are mostly in
28: You are joining a motorway. Why is it important to make full use of the slip road. ?
29: You are driving in a built up area. You approach a speed hump. You should
30: When is it safe to coast (travel in neutral or with the clutch pressed down)?
31: What is the national speed limit for cars on a motorway?
32: You may only stop on the hard shoulder if...
33: When can you use the hard shoulder on the motorway?
34: Loud music in a car can cause accidents because...
35: What type of car is better for the environment?
36: What colour backgrounds do Motorway signs show?
37: What does this sign mean?
38: Which type of vehicle does this sign apply to?
39: What is the meaning of this sign?
40: What is the meaning of this sign?
41: When driving on a two-lane dual carriageway why would you use the right-hand lane?
42: Who are at the greatest risk from other road users?
43: You are driving up to a level crossing warning lights are flashing but the barriers are up. What should you do?
44: What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road from 60 mph?
45: If as Sheppard herding sheep asks you to stop. You should?
46: When should you not drive in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line?
47: You intend to turn left into a minor road. As you approach you should?
48: Driving a four-wheel drive vehicle will improve?
49: You may drive over a footpath
50: You are driving along a road that has a cycle lane. The lane is marked by a solid white line. This means that during its period of operation