Take the Pedestrian Crossings Mock Theory Test

1: Who is legally authorised to direct traffic?
2: You stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at a zebra crossing they don't start to cross.What should you do?
3: The approach to a pedestrian crossing is marked with...
4: What type of crossing is it when cyclists and pedestrians can cross?
5: At which pedestrian crossings are cyclists permitted to cross?
6: The approach to a pedestrian crossing is marked with
7: You are approaching a zebra crossing. There are pedestrians waiting to cross. You should
8: When turning into a side road and pedestrians are already crossing the road, you should .......
9: You should never wave people across at pedestrian crossings because
10: What do these zigzag lines at pedestrian crossings mean?
11: At a zebra crossing pedestrians are taking their time to cross, what should you do?
12: Are you a liability as a drunk passenger?
13: What does this sign mean?
14: If you see this sign at a crossroads and you are going straight on, what should you do?
15: What does this sign mean?
16: What is the meaning of this sign?
17: What is the meaning of this sign?
18: You are approaching a red traffic light; the signal will change from red to what colours?
19: At what time is it permitted for you stop on a pedestrian crossing?
20: Your approaching a pelican crossing elderly people are halfway across, the lights change to green. You should?
21: Puffin crossings are for use by?
22: You are unsure if your cough medicine will affect your driving. What things could you do?
23: You are driving on a narrow road. You see this sign. What does it mean?
24: At puffin crossings which light will not be shown to the driver?
25: What does this sign mean?
26: When turning into a side road pedestrians are seen in the road near the junction. You must?
27: When may you leave the engine running when leaving your vehicle parked on a road?
28: Which type of crossing detects the movements of pedestrians?
29: If you see a person waiting at a zebra crossing who has a white stick with red bands, they are likely to be:
30: The road outside this school is marked with yellow zigzag lines. What do these lines mean?
31: Which is the only triangular sign which is NOT a warning?